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What's this:
To save time and money, you can specify, as the delivery address of each individual order, the address of your customer who will receive the goods directly from the courier in an anonymous totalemte package not attributable to ForHome.
Thanks to this type of service, totally free, you will shorten the delivery time to your customer, you will not be forced to stock goods or to support double shipping or delivery costs.
How to request it:
The service is totally free, just write in the "NOTES" box the wording: "SHIPPING DROP SHIPPING" and enter the delivery address of your final customer.
The Drop Shipping Service does not provide cash on delivery (even if visible as a choice on the shopping cart).
It is necessary to write accurately the delivery address of your customer with the mandatory house number, it is very important that your customer gives you maximum availability at the delivery address within 24 / 48h following the receipt of your order prevent the courier from failing and send the goods in storage.
In the event of storage, you will be charged for any storage and return costs.