Terms of Service




On the product page of each item, the approximate days for the availability of the goods are indicated as "Delivery times", starting from the date of payment. The goods will be "committed" only after payment has been made, the "Delivery times" may therefore vary according to the payment method chosen, for safety we advise you to always choose payment with PayPal / Credit Card / Cash on Delivery so that the payment is immediate. In the event that the quantity ordered exceeds the current stock, the days of the goods immediately available and the days of availability for the excess quantities will be indicated on the "shopping cart" page.

In case of purchase of items that have different availability dates, the order will be processed with multiple shipments trying to respect the times indicated as much as possible. (The shipment will take place the day after the date of availability considering for the delivery about 1/2 days of transport time) Only in some specific cases at our discretion we could decide to make a single shipment but in case you will be notified in advance.

If you prefer delivery in a single shipment (based on the latest available date) you must specify it in the "notes" field required when ordering.

For Resellers, delivery is usually always intended as a "single shipment".


After completing the order, in your "Order Status" control panel you can view the order progress and delivery times of the various items ordered.


The items will be sent in a single shipment based on the latest available date considering a delay of about 5 days on the times indicated on the product page, while for Extra-EEC countries the times can be extended up to 10 working days.



We ship with SDA or BRT Express Courier throughout ITALY including the islands, EUROPE and the rest of the world as listed below.




For orders from 0 to 36 euros € 4.99 Over 36 euros € FREE

Excluded: minor islands and disadvantaged areas

"Minor islands" are all Italian islands outside Sicily and Sardinia. When ordering, on the shopping cart page, select "Italy Minor Islands" as the shipping method, the cost of transport will be automatically calculated.

Some Italian areas both islands and hinterland are intended "disadvantaged areas" where the transport can undergo an increase, in case you will receive ns. communication by e-mail or telephone.



the cost of transport is calculated automatically when ordering.

Alternatively, it is possible to collect the products at our headquarters by your own means or by sending your courier, an option that can be selected when ordering.

N.B .: if the goods are shipped with our corrire is considered covered by insurance only if the customer accepts the goods with "control reserve".



Transport cost calculated automatically at the time of ordering based on the membership bands listed below.

For international shipments outside the EEC there may be additional customs costs charged to the customer which can be paid directly to the customs office.



ENABLED INTRA-EEC PURCHASING COMPANIES: VAT is not applied in exemption art. 41

COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUALS PURCHASES EXTRA-EEC: VAT is not applied in exemption art. 8 paragraph 1.




The payment methods, indicated below, can be chosen when ordering. In case they involve additional costs, they will be displayed in the shopping cart. All payment methods may not be available for some items.


The payment does not involve any additional expense.

You will receive by e-mail the order confirmation with the bank details to make the transfer.

The delivery times indicated on the product page start from the date of credit transfer. To speed up the shipment it is possible to send us your accountant of payment with the relative number of CRO by e-mail on sales@forhome.it or by fax at n ° 0773.1641461



The payment does not involve any additional expense.
You can pay with your credit cards in total safety thanks to the protected circuits of your cards.
Delivery times comply with those indicated on the article page as payment is immediate, except in the event that the payment is not successful.



Payment involves an additional charge for the courier service of 0.5% for a minimum of € 4.29 (VAT)

Payment is made on delivery in cash only.

Following the new law for cash payments, it is possible to pay up to a maximum of € 4999,99 if the amount of the purchased item exceeds this value, it is possible to pay the difference by bank transfer, credit card, poste pay or paypal, yes please contact us for any information.

Delivery times comply with those indicated on the product page as payment is upon delivery.

PAYPAL / PAYPAL 3 installments without interest

The payment does not involve any additional expense.


The payment does not involve any additional expense.

The PayPal payment circuit is the most widespread in the world, giving the customer protection on the purchase and security on the payment.

Delivery times comply with those indicated on the article page as payment is immediate, except in the event that the payment is not successful.

PAY PAL 3 Interest-free installments:

During the compilation phase, it is also possible to choose the new payment solution in 3 installments without interest. The first installment is debited immediately, while the remaining 2 installments are debited every month. Remember that it is still a financing system, so make sure you can pay the installments. It is possible to pay in 3 installments amounts ranging from € 30 up to € 2000. Available only for natural persons of age. See more information HERE

Delivery times comply with those indicated on the article page as payment is immediate, except in the event that the payment is not successful.



Thanks to the agreement with Soisy spa, you can conveniently pay your purchase in installments with small interest calculated on the basis of your creditworthiness.

The request, streamlined and fast, is made directly online: when selecting the payment method in our cart, by choosing Soisy a link is displayed to directly access the loan request.

Your request will be evaluated in a few minutes and the purchase can be financed by paying it in installments from the following month;

the amount that can be financed ranges from € 100 to € 15,000, which you can repay in installments from 3 to 12 months, according to your needs;

you can repay the entire residual capital and close the loan at any time, without any additional expense;

all expenses are included in the monthly installment and there are no hidden expenses: for example, an asset of € 1,000 paid in 12 installments x € 86.70 = € 1,040 (APR 7.6%);

the granting of the loan and the related completion of the order are subject to prior approval by Soisy S.p.A. of the loan request: all your data are provided directly to Soisy S.p.A. and for no reason will they be made available to ForHome;

the service can only be used by private customers (no VAT number) residing in Italy for at least 3 years, with regular and demonstrable income and good creditworthiness (not reported or protested in credit databases);


the order will be considered effective only upon confirmation of acceptance of the loan request by Soisy




If you are a private individual (without VAT) the electronic invoice will be sent to your fiscal drawer (if you need a copy paper or pdf of the invoice must be requested in the order notes and no later than the month of purchase)

When ordering it is necessary to enter the Fiscal Code.


If you are a company (with VAT number) the electronic invoice will be automatically sent to your SDI exchange code or, in absence, to your PEC email.

When ordering, it is necessary to enter the SDI interchange code and the VAT number (for sole proprietorships also the Tax Code).



In case of delivery of goods without partial and / or total externally visible damage, the customer is required to collect the goods always and exclusively by affixing his SIGNATURE WITH RESERVE OF CONTROL.

The goods cannot be replaced or refunded if the customer has not signed with "RESERVE OF CONTROL".



In case of delivery of goods with partial and / or total damage, the customer is required to notify us, within a maximum of 1 day from receipt of the same, the damage suffered by the goods by sending an email to info@forhome.it attaching demonstrative photos.
The goods cannot be replaced or reimbursed if the customer has not signed "RESERVE OF CONTROL" to the courier at the time of delivery, INDICATING EXACTLY THE TYPE OF DAMAGE.

In the event that the courier, for any reason, does not provide the possibility to sign with Reserve of Control, specifying the extent of the damage, the Customer is required to REFUSE THE GOODS. 



As proof of purchase and for warranty purposes, each of our products sold is followed by a regular electronic sales invoice (or receipt if not present vs tax data) According to the laws in force, this document is automatically sent electronically.



The items sold have a 2-year warranty (1 year if invoiced on VAT) at our headquarters or assistance centers of brands present throughout ITALY with presentation of our invoice.

This guarantee provides for the repair of the malfunctioning product and where this is not possible, the replacement of the product.



"Out of warranty" means products that have malfunctions due to: damage due to improper use, tampering, lack of maintenance or legal warranty deadlines.

For such out-of-warranty repairs, fixed viewing costs may apply regardless of whether the repair or restoration costs are accepted.


How to proceed to send a product:

Access the website, go to the order history section and start the return procedure by clicking on the "return items" link. Select the reason for the return in the drop-down list, enter a brief description of the problem and proceed by clicking on the appropriate button. The shipping costs to our warehouse are charged to the customer, the costs of re-sending the repaired / replaced product to the customer are at our expense. Wait for the return to be approved, print the return form and ship the items.

The delivery times of the repaired product may vary according to the defect found, we will inform you as soon as the product has been viewed and return it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Except for the above, the warranties of some categories of items can be managed directly by the respective manufacturer, listed below:



The warranty on Water Filtration products is to be understood as follows:

- 12 months on the Water Filters (as the filter currently in "use" must be replaced every 12 months at the latest).

- the 12-month warranty begins to run from the moment the filter is discarded and inserted into the filter pack.

- The "ForHome s.a.s." recommends the installation of the products by specialized personnel, as it reminds its customers that the guarantee does not cover defects or damage to the products caused by incorrect installation of the same according to the provisions of the specifically attached instructions.

- We decline all responsibility for damage caused by accident, fire, flood, freezing, force majeure, misuse, negligence, modification and / or addition to commercial component systems. Please refer to the correct installation by carefully following the instruction booklet attached to the shipment.

For warranty purposes for the entire period mentioned above, it is recommended to keep the purchase invoice which, if required, must be photocopied and attached to the return file.


The warranty on swimming pool products and accessories is managed directly by the respective manufacturers, we list below the web pages where to contact:

INTEX: www.intexgaranzia.it


Each Outlet product marked as "Used or Refurbished" is covered by a 1 year legal warranty. The warranty covers any faults or damages except those indicated as "specifications and / or defects" in the characteristics of the used or refurbished object.

- The "ForHome s.a.s." informs consumers that on all "marketed products" the warranty conditions provided by the manufacturer do not affect the rights provided in favor of the consumer by the provisions on the sale of consumer goods and legal guarantee established by Legislative Decree no. 24 of February 2, 2002.



Softeners, Purification Systems and many of our products are among the equipment that can be purchased, when you want to take advantage of the Tax Benefits for the construction of building renovations.

Below, we specify some of the procedures, which we have already applied to our customers.

We underline our willingness to evaluate other solutions, accompanied by the necessary documentation.



Aimed exclusively at those who are buying the 1st house, or who are proceeding with its construction, who can request it: the owner of the house or the builder. Facilitation for the customer: make the purchase with 4% VAT payment methods: at the buyer's choice, bank transfer, PayPal / Credit Card / Poste Pay



Aimed at those who are redeveloping the energy aspect of the house (solar panels, thermo boilers, etc.) who can request it: the company that carries out the work and NOT the customer / owner of the house. Facilitation for the customer: make the purchase with 10% VAT. The State reimburses the customer about 65% of the value of the goods.

payment methods: exclusively by bank transfer in advance



Addressed to the customer / homeowner.

Who can request it: only those who are structuring your home

Facilitation for the customer: make the purchase with VAT at 22%. The state reimburses the customer about 50% of the value of the goods.

payment methods: exclusively by bank transfer in advance



Addressed to the customer / homeowner

Who can request it: the company carrying out the work and NOT the customer / owner of the home

Facilitation for the customer: make the purchase with 10% VAT (there must be a Declaration of Beginning of Works (DIA, CILA, SCIA ...) The State reimburses the customer about 50% of the value of the goods, directly from the declaration of income.

payment methods: exclusively by bank transfer in advance



Pursuant to the Legislative Decree of 22 May 1999 n. 185,

In the event that the customer is a consumer, i.e. a natural person who makes a purchase for purposes not related to resale (both with tax code and VAT number), he has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the goods, except for products delivered sealed or with packaging, for which the original integrity has not been maintained.

The customer / consumer is required to keep the original packaging and packaging perfectly intact, as well as all accessories provided at the time of sale.

If one of the above requirements is missing, the supplier is authorized to withhold from the refund due, the sum equivalent to the value of the goods delivered, based on the damage, missing pieces or the costs of restoring the goods to be incurred.

In the event that the customer is a firm / company (for which the purchase is aimed at reselling to third parties), he has the right to request the replacement of the product with an identical item or of equal value, without, however, being able to request a refund. of the payment made. Pursuant to art. 5 paragraph 4-8 of Legislative Decree no. 185 of 22 May 1999,

All customers can exercise the right of withdrawal by sending, within the deadline of 10 working days from the date of receipt, a written communication to the email address forhome@pec.it

The costs and shipping methods for returning the product are available on the Billing and Warranty page

In accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned law, the supplier is required to reimburse the sums paid by the consumer within thirty days from the date of acceptance of the withdrawal.

The reimbursement will be made in the manner agreed with the customer by deducting the transport costs previously incurred by the supplier for sending the product.

Returns of OUTLET Products:
The conditions of the return apply the same conditions of the returns as for any other item, except the return for defects that were already reported in the "specifications and / or defects" of the used or refurbished item.




Our company specializes in the wholesale supply of innovative products and new technologies for everyday life.

To this end, we are always looking for new producers / suppliers such as companies or individual firms operating in our sector.

The search for certain products is based on innovation and technology in order to always provide the customer with the best product on the market at competitive prices.


How to Become a Supplier:

1) send your request to commerciale@forhome.it, attaching brochures or information material. If you receive our positive feedback, continue with step 2.

2) Register on our website at the following page: https://www.forhome.it/sign-up and enter your company data which will be used for accounting purposes.

3) After verifying the accuracy of the data provided, orders can be issued according to commercial agreements. The items offered for sale on our platforms can be stored in our warehouse or sold in dropshipping.


General Conditions Suppliers / Manufacturers:


Given the wide range of products and the various product categories present in our sales channels, in compliance with the laws in force regarding the legal responsibilities on products placed in the marketing chain, our company, with the role of "distributor", undertakes to control, within the limits of its faculties, skills and specific technical knowledge, through cards and certifications provided by the Producers / Suppliers, that these products comply with and fall within the national and international regulations of safety, legality, health protection, environmental protection, that the images and / or videos supplied to us by our producers / suppliers respect the rights of legality and copyright (we will include in overlay in our logo for the purpose of safeguarding the original files provided to us) and we premise that, if we are reported to us by reliable and verified sources or found by us the lack of one of the aforementioned safety or legality factors, the product / s present on our sales channels will be made off-line within 24 hours (working hours) and in-depth checks carried out and any reports sent. In the event that the aforementioned products are stored in our logistic warehouse, they will be returned to the Manufacturer / Supplier with reasons for non-compliant goods.

We also specify that our company undertakes to:

- Do not supply products of which he knows or should have known the danger based on the information in his possession and in his capacity as a professional operator;

- Participate in the safety control of the product placed on the market, transmitting information concerning the risks of the product to the manufacturer and to the competent authorities for the actions of their respective competence;

- Collaborate in the actions taken above, keeping and providing the documentation suitable to trace the origin of the products for a period of ten years from the date of sale to the final consumer.





The dedicated price lists and related sales conditions are aimed at companies or individual firms such as retailers, distributors, producers, maintenance technicians, installers, operating exclusively in our sector.

How to become a reseller:

Register on the site by correctly entering all your company data, then request the authorization to the reserved price list, by sending a request via email to resellers@forhome.it providing us with the following data:

- Company header

- Name / Surname of the contact person

- Registration email

- Type of activity carried out

After sending the authorization request, we will verify that your company details comply with our general conditions and we will send an authorization confirmation email.

Depending on your type of business, the qualification will allow you to view certain categories of products or not.

After enabling you will be able to access the reserved price list, make purchases at our store, manage your personal data, access the history and consult the progress of your orders. The prices displayed will already be net of the discount reserved for you.

General conditions of sale DEALERS:

All prices shown on our B2B platform dedicated to Resellers are to be understood NET OF DISCOUNT AND VAT.

Shipping costs: are calculated automatically when ordering (some "disadvantaged" delivery areas may have additional costs.) Alternatively, you can send your courier for collection or collect personally at our office.

Product images are subject to change and can be downloaded and used only with our consent.



WHAT IT IS: To save time and money, it is possible to specify, as the delivery address of each individual order, the address of your customer who will receive the goods directly from the express courier in a totally anonymous package that cannot be traced back to ForHome.

Thanks to this type of service, totally free, you will shorten delivery times to your customer, you will not be forced to stock goods or to incur double shipping or delivery costs.


The service is totally free, just write in the "NOTES" box the words: "SHIPPING DROP SHIPPING" and enter the delivery address of your final customer.

ATTENTION - Please Note: 1) The Drop Shipping Service does not provide for payment on delivery (even if visible as a choice on the shopping cart). 2) You must accurately write the delivery address of your customer with the mandatory house number. 3) it is very important that your customer gives you maximum availability at the delivery address within 24 / 48h following the crediting of your order in order to avoid the courier going blank and sending the goods in storage. In case of storage, you will be charged for any storage and redelivery costs. 4) if the goods are shipped with our. corrire is considered covered by insurance only if the customer accepts the goods with "control reserve".

The aforementioned conditions are reported and accepted during registration on our General Terms and Conditions of the Service page.