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Become Our Supplier




Our company specializes in the wholesale supply of innovative products and new technologies for everyday life.

To this end, we are always looking for new producers / suppliers such as companies or individual firms operating in our sector.

The search for certain products is based on innovation and technology in order to always provide the customer with the best product on the market at competitive prices.


How to Become a Supplier:

1) send your request to, attaching brochures or information material. If you receive our positive feedback, continue with step 2.

2) Register on our website at the following page: and enter your company data which will be used for accounting purposes.

3) After verifying the accuracy of the data provided, orders can be issued according to commercial agreements. The items offered for sale on our platforms can be stored in our warehouse or sold in dropshipping.



General conditions:

Given the wide range of products and the various product categories present in our sales channels, in compliance with the laws in force regarding the legal responsibilities on products placed in the marketing chain, our company, with the role of "distributor", undertakes to control, within the limits of its faculties, skills and specific technical knowledge, through cards and certifications provided by the Producers / Suppliers, that these products comply with and fall within the national and international regulations of safety, legality, health protection, environmental protection, that the images and / o videos supplied to us by our producers / suppliers respect the rights of legality and copyright (we will include our logo in overlay in order to protect the original files supplied to us) and we premise that, if it is reported to us by reliable and verified or found sources on our part, the lack of one of the aforementioned safety or legality factors à, the product / s present on our sales channels will be made off-line within 24 hours (working hours) and in-depth checks carried out and any reports sent. In the event that the aforementioned products are stored in our logistic warehouse, they will be returned to the Manufacturer / Supplier with reasons for non-compliant goods. We also specify that our company undertakes to:

- Do not supply products of which he knows or should have known the danger based on the information in his possession and in his capacity as a professional operator;

- Participate in the safety control of the product placed on the market, transmitting information concerning the risks of the product to the manufacturer and to the competent authorities for the actions of their respective competence;

- Collaborate in the actions taken above, keeping and providing the documentation suitable to trace the origin of the products for a period of ten years from the date of sale to the final consumer.

The aforementioned conditions are reported and accepted on our General Terms and Conditions of the Service page.