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VAT, Applicability OSS Cee and ExtraCee

VAT, OSS Applicability for Private Customers:


Thanks to the new law, from 1 July 2021 the simplifications of VAT obligations will come into force for e-commerce operations for companies, like ours, engaged in cross-border e-commerce.

The main novelty will be that the VAT service, for the sale to the final consumer, will be applied the VAT referred to the country of destination.


PRIVATE CUSTOMERS (without VAT number) CEE countries:

- they can buy in the European community with the VAT of their country.




VAT, Business Exemption:


CUSTOMERS WITH VAT number of CEE countries:

- intra-community companies can purchase VAT exempt




VAT, Not Payable for Companies:



- Both for companies and for individuals who buy outside the European community, VAT is not applied.


ATTENTION ** the site always shows the prices of the country of origin, in our case Italy, to see the finished price with the exact rate applied you need to log in, add the item to the shopping cart, and get to the summary phase order.