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Information user cookie

Information user cookie

What are cookies and how forHome uses them?

When you log in or interact with our site, forHome or our authorized service providers may use cookies or similar technology for advertising purposes and to store information in order to provide a better experience, faster and safer.

Cookies are small text files (usually formed by letters and numbers) sent to your browser when you visit a site. ForHome uses cookies to perform simple techniques such as get access to our services, remember preferences and settings, improve site navigation.

Service providers are companies that support us in various aspects of our business, dealing, for example, operations, services, apps, advertising, and site tools. We use our authorized service providers to introduce information messaging targeted advertising in line with your interests on our services or for statistical purposes. These service providers can enter cookies in your device using our services (cookies of third parties). They can also obtain information to enable them to identify your device, such as the IP address or other unique codes or device usually for statistical purposes.

Browser Settings
Most browsers allow you to erase cookies and prevent them from being re-set in the future. Keep in mind that some of our features may not function properly without cookies.
The Statement
The ruling by the personal data protection n. 229/2014 provides for the obligation to inform the user about the use of cookies and to require informed consent to the storage of these cookies on your device that could trace its behavior for commercial purposes or otherwise, and used for purposes other than purely technical.

How consent is given on our site
Each time a new user logs on to our website, you will see the information short, with the link to the information extended, in a box at the bottom of the screen.

The user, continuing with the site navigation, gives consent to what we indicated in the statement. Therefore pages later visit the information will no longer be shown.