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Delivery Time




In the product page of each item, "Delivery times" are indicated as the approximate days for the delivery of the goods starting from the date of crediting the payment.

The goods will be "committed" only after payment has been made, the "Delivery times" may therefore vary according to the payment method chosen, for safety we advise you to always choose to pay by PayPal / Credit Card / Cash on Delivery so that the payment is immediate. In the event that the quantity ordered exceeds the current stock, the days of delivery of the goods immediately available and the days of delivery for excess quantities will be indicated on the shopping cart page.

If you prefer delivery in a single shipment (based on the latest available date), you must specify it in the "notes" field required when ordering.

After completing the order, in your "Order Status" control panel, you can view the order progress and delivery times of the various items ordered.

For Resellers normally delivery is always meant as "single shipment".



The items will be sent in a single shipment based on the latest available date considering a delay of about 5 days on the times indicated on the product page, while for ExtraCee countries the times can be extended up to 10 working days.








In the product sheet of each item the values ​​are indicated as "Availability": High, Medium, Low, on Reservation or Out of Stock, in order to give a clearer warehouse situation.

The approximate delivery date of the item is also indicated as "Delivery Time" (starting from the payment crediting date).


In case of purchase of items that have different shipping dates depending on availability, the order will be processed with multiple shipments trying to respect the times indicated.

(only water purification systems are an exception and will be shipped in one shipment according to availability)


(If you cannot find the product you are looking for, you can contact us by phone or email, many products may be loading or not available in the catalog.)