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Billing and Warranty

As proof of purchase and for warranty purposes,
each of our products sold is accompanied by a regular sales invoice.
This document is always present in paper form inside the package


When ordering, the Fiscal Code must be entered.
When ordering, it is necessary to enter the VAT code and for the individual companies also the Tax Code.


All items have a 2 year warranty (and 1 year for companies) at our headquarters or service centers of the brands produced in all of Italy with our invoice.
This guarantee provides for the repair of the malfunctioning product and where it is not possible to replace the product.

How to proceed to send a product under warranty:
- Contact us at assistenza@forhome.it or by phone at 0773.848566 and expose the defect found, we will give you directions.
- The customer, after ns. indications, can send your product to our warehouse, shipping costs to our warehouse are charged to the customer, the costs of re-sending the product repaired to the customer are at our expense.
You will be notified an RMA number to be placed on the package before shipping. The delivery times of the repaired product may vary depending on the defect found, we will take care to return the repaired product in a very short time.
- The customer, after ns. indications, he can bring the product under repair to the nearest service center (where possible).

For warranty purposes throughout the period mentioned above depending on the product, it is recommended to keep the invoice which, in case, must be photocopied and attached to the return policy.
- The "ForHome s.a.s." informs consumers that on all "marketed products" the warranty conditions provided by the manufacturer are without prejudice to the rights provided in favor of the consumer by the provisions regarding the sale of consumer goods and legal guarantee established by Legislative Decree no. 24 of 2 February 2002.

The warranty on the Filtrazione Acqua products is to be understood as follows:
- 12 months on the filters (since the same must be changed maximum every 12 months from the date of installation).
the 12 month warranty begins to run from the moment the filter is discarded and inserted into the filtered part.
- The "ForHome s.a.s." recommends the installation of the products by specialized personnel, as it reminds its customers that the warranty does not cover defects or damage to the products caused by incorrect installation of the same according to the instructions enclosed with the instructions.
- No liability is accepted for damage caused by accidents, fire, floods, freezing, force majeure, misuse, negligence, modification and / or addition to commercial component systems. Please refer to the correct installation by carefully following the instruction manual enclosed with the shipment.

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