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Billing and Warranty




If you are a private individual (without VAT number) the electronic invoice will be sent to your fiscal drawer (if you need a paper copy or pdf of the invoice it must be requested in the order notes and no later than the month of purchase)

When ordering it is necessary to enter the Fiscal Code.



If you are a company (with VAT number) the electronic invoice will be automatically sent to your SDI exchange code or, in absence, to your PEC email.

When ordering it is necessary to enter the SDI interchange code and the VAT number (for sole proprietorships also the Tax Code).





As proof of purchase and for warranty purposes, each of our products sold is followed by a regular electronic sales invoice (or receipt if not present vs tax data) According to the laws in force, this document is automatically sent electronically.





The items sold have a 2-year warranty (1 year if invoiced on VAT) at our headquarters or assistance centers of brands present throughout ITALY with presentation of our invoice.

This guarantee provides for the repair of the malfunctioning product and, where this is not possible, the replacement of the product.


How to proceed to send a product under warranty:

- Access the website, go to the order history section and start the return procedure by clicking on the "return items" link. Select the reason for the return in the drop-down menu, enter a brief description of the problem and proceed by clicking on the appropriate button. The shipping costs to our warehouse are charged to the customer, the costs of re-sending the repaired / replaced product to the customer are at our expense. Wait for the return to be approved, print the return form and ship the items.


The delivery times of the repaired product may vary according to the defect found, we will notify them as soon as the product has been viewed and return it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Except for the above, the warranties of some categories of items can be managed directly by the respective manufacturer, listed below:



The warranty on Water Filtration products is to be understood as follows:

- 12 months on the Water Filters (as the filter currently in "use" must be replaced maximum every 12 months).

the 12-month warranty begins to run from the moment the filter is discarded and inserted into the filter pack.

- The "ForHome s.a.s." recommends the installation of the products by specialized personnel, as it reminds its customers that the warranty does not cover defects or damage to the products caused by incorrect installation of the same according to the provisions of the specially attached instructions.

- We accept no liability for damage caused by accidents, fire, floods, freezing, acts of God, misuse, neglect, modification and / or addition to commercial component systems. Please refer to the correct installation by carefully following the instruction booklet attached to the shipment.



The warranty on swimming pool products and accessories is managed directly by the respective manufacturers, we list below the web pages where to contact:


Each Outlet product marked as "Used or Refurbished" is covered by a 1 year legal warranty. The warranty covers any faults or damages except those indicated as "specifications and / or defects" in the characteristics of the used or refurbished object.


For warranty purposes for the entire period mentioned above, it is recommended to keep the purchase invoice which, if required, must be photocopied and attached to the return file.


- The "ForHome s.a.s." informs consumers that on all "marketed products" the warranty conditions provided by the manufacturer do not affect the rights provided in favor of the consumer by the provisions on the sale of consumer goods and the legal guarantee established by Legislative Decree no. 24 of February 2, 2002.