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The ForHome offers all customers an excellent after-sales service regarding products under warranty or out of warranty.

Our policy is the greatest possible savings for the customer, therefore the resolution of problems occurs, in the vast majority of cases in a fast and autonomous manner, interfacing with technical support.

In fact, we try to create the least possible inconvenience to the customer, we know what it means to have to make a product / component to have it checked / replaced.

In this regard we ask our customers to send written notice to the e-mail address with a detailed and exhaustive explanation of the problem in order to understand and intervene as quickly as possible. Movies and photos that highlight the problem are very well accepted.

Having established the problem, one of our operators will evaluate the resolution.

Very often these are incorrect configurations and settings, which can be remedied immediately with simple guides or by telephone.

In more critical cases, where it is necessary to view the system directly, the product (or component) must be returned following the instructions given in the warranty section:

All the checks / replacements that the customer makes after our written authorization do not result in any forfeiture or limitation of the legal guarantee.